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Welcome to a new world of cannabis banking.

As the pioneering bank in this region for cannabis businesses, we're committed to helping you succeed. Have questions? We're here with the answers.

Understanding Your Cannabis Business Type


Financing the agricultural ambitions of greener grass.


Funding for lab testing & manufacturing registrations.


Shelf space expenses for retail ventures.


Armored truck pickup for fortified cash flow.


Legal, Accounting, & Real Estate for legitimate dealers.


Financial tools to build a brick & mortar customer base.

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Backed by the leading fintech provider, Green Check, for compliant banking solutions.

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Cannabis Banking FAQs

The first step is to work on getting verified with our partner, Green Check Verified. Click here to get started and one of our Branch Relationship Managers will be in contact with you.

CRBs have unique legal and compliance requirements. Partnering with a knowledgeable, cannabis-friendly bank like us is key to navigating these complexities.

Currently Bank of Guam is only working with licensed cannabis-related businesses in Guam and CNMI.

There are four sectors of the cannabis industry: Direct CRBs, Indirect CRBs, Hemp-Related Businesses (HRBs) and CBD businesses. Each is considered a Cannabis-Related Business (CRB) but requires a different form of compliance to operate.

The process typically takes about one week, involving application submission, verification, in-person meetings, site visits, and compliance audits.

While some banks may avoid CRBs, we embrace and support them with our dedicated services.

In a word, "yes". But we'll need to talk more to understand the opportunities and risks involved with your CRB.

Absolutely. Bank of Guam is an FDIC-insured community bank. We are fully compliant with the law and federal regulators as well as FINCEN Guidelines. Your money is as safe as it would be in any FDIC-insured bank account.

All Bank of Guam commercial business accounts have fees associated with them and our cannabis banking accounts are no different. Our fees reflect the compliance and due diligence associated with local and federal regulations surrounding cannabis banking.

Tailored Banking for Your Cannabis Venture

Our banking services are designed to help entrepreneurs like you realize your ambitions. Wondering how we can assist your business growth?

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